The Heritage Trophy is a perpetual trophy sponsored by Toowoomba Stamp Club. It is designed to encourage collectors who may not have previously exhibited, and is adjudicated by nationally-acredited judges provided by QPC.

The theme each year is generally Exhibitor's Choice. Occasionally the TSC will set a particular theme on a topical subject, and if this is done it will be announced on our website by 31 December of the preceding year. The full rules for the Heritage Trophy are set out here.

2021 Theme: Exhibitor's Choice (conducted as both a virtual and a physical display)
Winner: Bob LITTLEHALES (Toowoomba) 86 pts
  Official Stamps of South Australia
Runner-up: John GRAHAM (Toowoomba) 85 pts
  The Arms Series 1948-1964
3rd place: John GRAHAM (Toowoomba) 81 pts
  The Queen Elizabeth 1966 Definitives
2020 Theme: Exhibitor's Choice (conducted as a virtual-only display)
Winner: John GRAHAM (Toowoomba) 73 pts
  Posthumous Proofs of the George V Era
Runner-up: Bob LITTLEHALES (Toowoomba) 70 pts
  The Small Papua Overprint Issue
3rd place: Rod FORREST (Toowoomba) 64 pts
  The Early Postal History and Markings of Queensland, West of Long 142 Deg E
2019 Theme: Exhibitor's Choice
Winner: John GRAHAM (Toowoomba) 76 pts
  The King George V NW Pacific Islands Overprints
Runner-up: Murray Collins (Toowoomba) 74 pts
  Russian Post in Palestine
3rd place: Bob LITTLEHALES (Toowoomba) 64 pts
  Bulolo Goldfields
2018 Theme: Exhibitor's Choice
Winner: Murray Collins (Toowoomba) 88 pts
  East Africa and Uganda Postal Stationary
Runner-up: Brian SHACKLETON (Toowoomba) 61 pts
  Paquebot International Ship Mail
3rd place: John GRAHAM (Toowoomba) 58 pts
  Australian Issues of 1963
2017 Theme: Exhibitor's Choice
Winner: Murray Collins (Toowoomba) 84 pts
  Postal Stationary of KUT
Joint Runner-up: Kym LEIPER (Ipswich) 77 pts
  Counter Printed Stamps
Joint Runner-up: John GRAHAM (Toowoomba) 77 pts
  The Arms Series 1948-1964
2016 Theme: Exhibitor's Choice
Winner: Bob LITTLEHALES (Toowoomba) 66 pts
  South Australian Departmentals
2015 Theme: 1915
Winner: John GRAHAM (Toowoomba) 75 pts
  How Far Did A Penny Go in 1915?
Runner-up: Bob LITTLEHALES (Toowoomba) 69 pts
3rd place: John GRAHAM (Toowoomba) 66 pts
  From Gerringong to New Plymouth
2014 Theme: Our Heritage
Winner: Bob LITTLEHALES (Toowoomba) 82 pts
  KGV 1d red smooth paper Die II
Runner-up: John GRAHAM (Toowoomba) 78 pts
  The Queen Elizabeth 1966 Definitives
3rd place: Harvey BILLING (Toowoomba) 73 pts
2013 Theme: Women on Stamps
Winner: Bob LITTLEHALES (Toowoomba) 74 pts
  Queen Victoria
Runner-up: Frank PHILIPPE (Toowoomba) 71 pts
  Women of the Salvation Army
3rd place: John MULLISS (Toowoomba) 69 pts
  Red Cross/Poppy Day
Junior Winner: Hannah HOWARTH (Toowoomba) 68 pts
  Paintings of Women
2012 Theme: Australia
Winner: John GRAHAM (Toowoomba) 82 pts
  The Arms Series 1948-64
Runner-up: Bob LITTLEHALES (Toowoomba) 78 pts
  Our First Olympics
3rd place: Rod FORREST (Toowoomba) 72 pts
  The Wrong Ship
Junior Winner: Hannah HOWARTH (Toowoomba) 74 pts
  Horses in Australia
2011 Theme: The Pacific
Winner: John GRAHAM (Toowoomba) 83 pts
  The North West Pacific Islands One Penny Overprint
2010 Theme: Transport
Winner: John GRAHAM (Toowoomba) 83 pts
  19th Century Travel between Great Britain and Australia
2009 Theme: Queensland
Winner: John GRAHAM (Toowoomba) 76 pts
  Navigators Reincarnated