The Heritage Trophy is a perpetual trophy sponsored jointly by Heritage Bank and Toowoomba Stamp Club. It is designed to encourage collectors who may not have previously exhibited, and is adjudicated by nationally-acredited judges provided by QPC.

Each year's competition is based on a theme set by Toowoomba Stamp Club at the beginning of that year. The full rules for the Heritage Trophy are set out here.

2017 Theme: Exhibitor's Choice
Winner: Murray Collins (Toowoomba) 84 pts
  Postal Stationary of KUT
Joint Runner-up: Kym LEIPER (Ipswich) 77 pts
  Counter Printed Stamps
Joint Runner-up: John GRAHAM (Toowoomba) 77 pts
  The Arms Series 1948-1964
2016 Theme: Exhibitor's Choice
Winner: Bob LITTLEHALES (Toowoomba) 66 pts
  South Australian Departmentals
2015 Theme: 1915
Winner: John GRAHAM (Toowoomba) 75 pts
  How Far Did A Penny Go in 1915?
Runner-up: Bob LITTLEHALES (Toowoomba) 69 pts
3rd place: John GRAHAM (Toowoomba) 66 pts
  From Gerringong to New Plymouth
2014 Theme: Our Heritage
Winner: Bob LITTLEHALES (Toowoomba) 82 pts
  KGV 1d red smooth paper Die II
Runner-up: John GRAHAM (Toowoomba) 78 pts
  The Queen Elizabeth 1966 Definitives
3rd place: Harvey BILLING (Toowoomba) 73 pts
2013 Theme: Women on Stamps
Winner: Bob LITTLEHALES (Toowoomba) 74 pts
  Queen Victoria
Runner-up: Frank PHILIPPE (Toowoomba) 71 pts
  Women of the Salvation Army
3rd place: John MULLISS (Toowoomba) 69 pts
  Red Cross/Poppy Day
Junior Winner: Hannah HOWARTH (Toowoomba) 68 pts
  Paintings of Women
2012 Theme: Australia
Winner: John GRAHAM (Toowoomba) 82 pts
  The Arms Series 1948-64
Runner-up: Bob LITTLEHALES (Toowoomba) 78 pts
  Our First Olympics
3rd place: Rod FORREST (Toowoomba) 72 pts
  The Wrong Ship
Junior Winner: Hannah HOWARTH (Toowoomba) 74 pts
  Horses in Australia
2011 Theme: The Pacific
Winner: John GRAHAM (Toowoomba) 83 pts
  The North West Pacific Islands One Penny Overprint
2010 Theme: Transport
Winner: John GRAHAM (Toowoomba) 83 pts
  19th Century Travel between Great Britain and Australia
2009 Theme: Queensland
Winner: John GRAHAM (Toowoomba) 76 pts
  Navigators Reincarnated