Venue Special Activity Auction Visiting Club Dealer
  9 January TIBC   Yes None (Ipswich is in lockdown) John Laker (Stewart Robbins is in lockdown)
  6 February (NOT 13th) TIBC AGM Yes Junction Park Craig Chappell, John Laker (accessories only)
  13 March TIBC   Yes Sherwood and Southside John Laker
  11 April (Sunday) TIBC   Yes City of Brisbane (TBC) Stewart Robbins, John Laker (accessories only)
  8 May TIBC   Yes Enoggera John Laker
  5 June (NOT 12th) TIBC   Yes Nanango Daryl Sopp
  10 July TIBC Organising T21 Yes Ipswich John Laker
  14 August TIBC Visitor from QPC Yes Sherwood Craig Chappell, John Laker (accessories only)
  11 September TIBC Organising T21 Yes City of Brisbane John Laker
  9-10 October TIBC Toowoomba2021 Yes Numerous Clubs on Sunday 10th Numerous Dealers both days
  13 November TIBC   Yes Ipswich John Laker
  27 November CGC Christmas Lunch      
  11 December TIBC   Yes Caboolture Stewart Robbins, John Laker (accessories only)
  Venue Codes: TIBC=Toowoomba Indoor Bowls Club, Annand St. SSCH=St Stephen's Church Hall, Annand St. CGC=City Golf Club, South St.

  TSC Committee   Toowoomba2021 Committee  
  (all 10am, CGC)   (all 10am, CGC)  
  13 March   6 March CANCELLED  
  5 June   17 April CANCELLED  
  11 September Venue now TIBC, 10am   29 May  
  11 December   3 July POSTPONED to 10 July  
      14 August  
      4 September POSTPONED to 11 Sep, venue now TIBC, 10am  
      25 September  
      27 November