Each year, in lieu of the usual October Club meeting, the TSC holds a Stamp Day. It is always held on the second Saturday in October.

Numerous clubs from SE Queensland attend, with their club books, thus giving members and visitors access to stamps for sale which would not normally be available to them.

An auction is always held, usually with 200-300 lots, providing something of interest to every collector.

The Heritage Trophy is awarded annually at the Stamp Day.

The first Stamp Day for which records have survived was held on 22 May 1977, when the Warwick and Dalby Clubs joined the Toowoomba Club in organising a display, held at the Toowoomba Education Centre in Baker St. This proved so successful that a Stamp Day involving more clubs was organised for 16 October 1977. This was the forerunner of the present Stamp Day format.

Historical Stamp Day Records